Playing With Fire (Acoustic) – [Showgun]

Showgun is a band out of Southern Cali that has been making a name for themselves independently within their scene for a few years now. Consisting of four members with various different backgrounds, they all come together to bring something new and fresh to the table. While rock is normally outside of my forte, I am always a fan of amazing songwriting and composition. Showgun’s song “Playing With Fire” is an amazing example of a showcase of their songwriting ability, and the acoustic version is what drew me into it.

What’s amazing about this band, in particular, is their ability to play off of each other’s skill set and use it to their advantage. Having four members of a group allows them to pull from not only different backgrounds but different inspirations overall, to come together and create a blend that feels unique, fresh, and fun.

I will for sure be watching them closely, as I believe that they will begin to dominate their field and be able to bridge the gap and bring in new listeners in various ways.

Check out the acoustic version of “Playing With Fire” below!