Fair Exchange – [Paydroo]

Hailing out of PG County, Maryland, Paydroo is an artist that strives in using his voice as a powerful tool


Inspiration and influence; are the two I’s of music that not only allows the musicians before us to continue their

GO! – [Sam Byrk]

In the current landscape of music, it would be hard to ignore the massive wave and impact that the drill

Fewap – [Wavy Kamp Fee]

Having the goal to be an influence in your own hood is something that many artists today aspire to accomplish

3AM In Paris – [24TGA]

Hailing out of Boston, Massachusetts, 24TGA is an artist who’s been on his grind since 2015, and has been working

Own Pace – [Blu Jay]

When it comes to an artist’s journey to success, there is no rulebook or guideline on how to go about

MidWest Coast – [JAMS TFC]

After the success of his summer mixtape Live From The Lac, JAMS TFC decided to set the streets on fire one