Inspiration and influence; are the two I’s of music that not only allows the musicians before us to continue their legacy but allow the musicians of the future to continue theirs. Louisville native KINSLOW debuts on Lyrical Lemonade today with his latest offering titled DOGWOOD.” Produced by Kingston, with the visual directed by ‘The Trap Steve’ — the much-anticipated single exceeded its hype and expectations. With the catchy hook and bouncy instrumental, DOGWOOD” will quickly become a fan-favorite and reach even further than his core fan base to new listeners.

“It’s inspired by the street I grew up on, ‘Dogwood Drive’. I first wrote the hook .. which made me recall my childhood/adolescence years .. when I would play basketball and write rhymes. It’s also heavily influenced by [my take on] that Southern Texas sound. That’s the aesthetic I was aiming for.”

Immediately upon checking out this record, I instantly caught the vibe of DaBaby’s earlier videos. Not only from the production, but to the style of editing as well. The comedic factor in the visual as well plays a big part in that, and that is exactly the vibe that KINSLOW was going for.

“Another influence was ReelGoats .. the director of DaBaby’s videos. I wanted to get that touch of comedy in there. And I feel I hit all my marks. I’m just excited that ‘DOGWOOD’ is finally out for everyone to vibe to!”

Blending aspects of Southern Rap roots with modern Hip-Hop aesthetics, Kinslow makes it look effortless. Deriving his sound from the likes of Gunna, Lil Baby, and Yo Gotti, it won’t be long until KINSLOW joins the ranks of his idols.

Check out “DOGWOOD” by KINSLOW below!