Getcha – [SSGKobe]

Few artists have impressed me in a manner that’s even close to the way SSGKobe has captured my attention. I

fool4love – [ericdoa]

Over the past few months, I feel like I have been missing something when it comes to the articles I

strangers – [ericdoa]

Back when I first heard the term hyperpop, I was honestly confused with all of the different sounds that the


The hyperpop scene never fails to surprise me in the best ways possible, and I never get bored for even

I GOT BARss – [SEBii]

If there’s one person in the entire music industry that knows how to innovate and change things up in order

fantasize – [ericdoa]

Whether you want to call it hyperpop, digicore, pop, or anything else, it’s taking over the world and you need