Unusual Demont

Sugar-[Unusual Demont]

“A couple months ago I made it a goal to write my first love song, & like all my songs

Maybe Not – [Unusual Demont]

Though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, many of us are still perpetually ensnared in love’s mercurial throes. Not me,

HUES.-[Unusual Demont]

Madison, Wisconsin native and LA based artist Unusual Demont returns to Lyrical Lemonade with his highly-anticipated HUES EP. The EP

Vanta – [Unusual Demont]

“The Vanta music video was the first time I tried my hand at writing a music video. Nicole Blue took

Purple – [Unusual Demont]

“Purple got it’s name due to me listening to ‘The Beautiful Ones’ by Prince a loooot during the time I

Pine – [Unusual Demont]

“With pine I wanted to show a dichotomy between the lyrics and energy of the song again. Although the song

Amber – [Unusual Demont]

If Unusual Demont is not on your radar now, take my advice and follow him accordingly. Ever since his debut

AMBER – [Unusual Demont]

Unusual Demont was indoctrinated by the internet. The Wisconsin based artist spent his formative years exploring cultural and musical nooks