Tony Velour

Unfazed – [Tony Velour]

Sometimes without realizing, I tend to root most for the artists whose output directly reflects the person behind the art. In

Vices Hurt – [Tony Velour]

For better or for worse, Tony Velour’s new album, Vices Hurt, is born out of life experience — all of it.

Flourish – [Tony Velour]

By all counts, Tony Velour is a must-watch artist. Whether appreciated for his left-of-center sonic stylings or his deeply honest

Elastic – [Tony Velour]

Somewhere within the intersection of pop music, electronic music, and hip-hop exists a genre-defying artist by the name of Tony

Wild – [Tony Velour]

From boundary-pushing sonics to mysterious, intriguing aesthetics, Tony Velour is on his way to inevitable stardom. Few and far in