Sylo Nozra

Spacing Out-[Sylo Nozra]

Now that the year is winding down, expect some of your favorite artists to release some last minute tracks to

Why R U Back?-[Sylo Nozra]

Sylo Nozra’s music is like fine wine; it just continues to get better with age. I’ve been carefully tracking his

Citrus-[Sylo Nozra]

Ever since 2017, I have been utterly obsessed with an artist named Sylo Nozra. With so many musical styles and

Ginny-[Sylo Nozra]

For as long as Sylo Nozra is making music, he will always have a home here at Lyrical Lemonade for

Sylo Songs – [Sylo Nozra]

Sylo Nozra has made it onto our pages many times before for many well deserving moments. There’s truly not another

FOMO – [Sylo Nozra]

Sylo Nozra made the way onto our pages for the impressive release of his song entitled “FOMO”. This upbeat vibey