The new age of hip-hop music is certainly not what I expected it to be even a handful of years

Getcha – [SSGKobe]

Few artists have impressed me in a manner that’s even close to the way SSGKobe has captured my attention. I


Last year was an undeniably massive year for SSGKobe, and while a minuscule fraction of artists in the history of

Caddy – [SSGKobe]

Although the pandemic is something that has caused many hardships for the lives of millions of people, it is an

MIA – [SSGKobe]

SSGKobe is a young superstar who we are massive fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade, we worked with him in

Calabasas – [SSGKobe]

SSGKobe is an artist that we have been posting about on our website since 2019, he is a versatile artist