Recently the idea of “Brooklyn Drill” has been the latest sonic phenomenon to sweep across the nation, and this trap

Pistol Grip – [Slimesito]

Very few rappers are able to perfectly encapsulate their dangerous lifestyle through their music in the grimly vivid manner that Slimesito does

Same Shit – [Slimesito]

Fueled by venomous rhymes and a charismatic, to-the-point personality, Atlanta native Slimesito is taking the internet by storm right now

Rap About – [Slimesito]

The Atlanta native Slimesito is back on Lyrical yet again today with the release of his new single, “Rap About.”

RocKin – [Slimesito]

Today we’re more than happy to bring you guys a hot new single from rising Atlanta artist Slimesito. Slimesito teams

Sticks – [Slimesito]

Today we introduce you to Atlanta rapper Slimesito, and his video for “Sticks.” Sito gives us a gritty flow over