Serena Isioma

King – [Serena Isioma]

Serena Isioma is one of my new favorite artists out of Chicago, Serena makes music that is unique + tasteful,

Blue Sky – [Serena Isioma]

Serena Isioma is an artist who I first got familiar with through my brother Eric, when he suggested that I

Sensitive – [Serena Isioma]

Serena Isioma it’s been almost a couple of months since the last time that Serena Isioma was featured on our pages,

Valentina – [Serena Isioma]

Appearing on our pages several times in the past, Serena Isioma is an artist of soul, if not anything else. With

Breathe – [Serena Isioma]

“Refreshing” has become an over-used word in the world of music writing, but sometimes, there’s just no better fit to