HZLIKEHELL – [seeyousoon]

Florida-bred music collective seeyousoon has captivated many already with their dynamic tracks consisting of nine-separate members contributing to their unique

FIX YOUR FACE-[seeyousoon]

“Simply put, FIX YOUR FACE is a song about getting weird looks from people in public. As a rather weird-looking

Fever – [seeyousoon]

Floridian 9-piece collective seeyousoon looks to take 2021 by storm with the reveal of an off-kilter hip-hop offering entitled “Fever.”


9 different stories. 9 different perspectives. 9 different gifts. 9 different sounds.  The list goes on and on in regards to the various

Blue Chord-[seeyousoon]

seeyousoon is the unbelievably talented dynamic 9 piece from Florida. The up and coming group has already dropped some amazing

ICFWT – [seeyousoon]

The nine-piece Florida collective seeyousoon came into the music space with an incredible introduction back in February. Their debut single,

Steamy – [seeyousoon]

Florida based music collective seeyousoon releases a wildly entertaining video that may be one of the best you’ll see this