Whip Out- [RetcH] ft. [Slayter]

With all this time spent indoors and away from others, I’ve been enjoying my time by discovering newer artists that

Hopeless – [Retch]

From the Polo Sporting Goods days until now, few artists have seen as much growth as New Jersey-bred talent Retch. In

After The Verdict – [RetcH]

After unleashing a string of stellar singles throughout the past few weeks with “Wildin’ Out FR“, “Retaliation“, and “Throwin’ Sets Down“,

Retaliation – [RetcH]

23After holding back on new music for about 6 months, it appears that RetcH is returning to the spotlight as

Wildin’ Out FR – [RetcH]

Virtually no other artist matches the aggressive personality and distinct, charismatic charm of New Jersey’s own, RetcH. He tells it like

Still Up – [RetcH]

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Upon his return from jail, New Jersey native RetcH is not

2-Eleven – [RetcH]

After returning from jail and immediately jumping back into the limelight with “First Day Out”, RetcH is here to show