Strawberry Blonde-[Rence]

Well-known artist, Rence has been on our page before, but for some reason, he continues to surprise us each time

Tears In December – [Rence]

I had the chance to write about Rence for the release of his immensely impressive track “Type 2” and I’m

Type 2 – [Rence]

For the past couple of months, an artist who goes by the name of Rence has been consistently popping up

Fall 2019 – [Rence]

Rence drops his major-label debut with Epic Records and solidified himself as one of the breakout pop acts of the

Ways To Go – [Rence]

Rence is an alternative pop act out of Seattle that is a master at blending genres effortlessly, his new single

Close Friends – [Rence]

Rence has shown his face once or twice on our website in the past, and this afternoon he is back

Space For You – [Rence]

We have yet another Lyrical Lemonade debut for our readers today, this time around coming in the form of Rence’s