Pollari – ‘No Love Here’

Dealing with love lost and found, Lyrical Lemonade veteran Pollari triumphantly returned with his new album, No Love Here, this past weekend

Never Sorry 2 – [Pollari]

When I ponder about the last decade that I have been covering music for Lyrical Lemonade, California-based artist Pollari comes

Yours Truly – [Pollari]

If you are somehow not familiar with Pollari, then you have to open a history book and do some reading

Loverboy 2 – [Pollari]

A couple of weeks ago I had Pollari come through the Lyrical Lemonade office here in Chicago for an interview,

Infrared – [Pollari]

Pollari has been one of the trailblazers in music over the past five years or so, not just in hip-hop

Pressure – [Pollari]

It’s been far too long since I have heard some new music from Pollari, so I was thrilled when I

Heartless – [Pollari]

When you think about artists that have played a role in pushing new + unique sounds in the past five

Do You Love Me? – [Pollari]

Late last night, Lyrical Lemonade favorite Pollari released his brand new music video for “Do You Love Me”, and it’s