Artwork for midwxst's July single "pretty girls"

midwxst – “pretty girls”

midwxst knows “when it rains it pours,” especially regarding love and lust. “pretty girls” (July 7) are the reason why

mad – [midwxst]

Back when I first submerged myself in the hyperpop scene, I knew there were so many diverse talents throughout the

broken – [midwxst]

Being a writer for Lyrical for a few years, I have realized that artists really have their own individualistic schedules

none – [funeral] ft. [midwxst]

Returning to LL this week with an uncommonly laid-back cut is none other than digicore/hip-hop favorite funeral with “none” –

sidelines – [midwxst]

In my opinion, music is always better when it comes with a story or when it’s made from the heart,