MMM – [Keshore]

I’m grateful for countless people in this industry, from managers to A&Rs to other writers to producers and even the

Chanel – [LMG]

Today we’re happy to give you LMG’s newest track, “Chanel.” The young south siders definitely bring an insane energy to

Thugga 2 – [LMG]

The young group from Hyde Park is back and has blessed us with a hot new track, as OT and

N.N.N – [LMG]

As you may remember, LMG made their Lyrical Lemonade debut a few weeks ago with “Onnit,” and today the guys

#Onnit – [LMG]

Produced by Keezy LMG is a relatively new hip-hop trio from Chicago’s Hyde park area, and a few days back