Lil Xelly

Greatest – [Lil Xelly]

This article is a very special one for me personally. Not that any other articles mean anything less to me,

Givenchy – [Lil Xelly]

As I have written longer and longer for Lyrical Lemonade, I have been able to make a ton of connections

Angel Dust – [Lil Xelly]

If you’ve paid attention to any of my articles over the past two years, Lil Xelly should be bumping on

Rick oWen – [Lil Xelly]

There’s nothing more I can say about Lil Xelly that I haven’t already said in the past throughout the various

Blue – [Lil Xelly]

It’s been a few weeks since I last talked about Lil Xelly, but don’t get me wrong, my admiration for

lone**w0lf – [Lil Xelly]

A lot of rappers claim to be the hardest working musicians in the world and will stop for nothing in