There has been a moment in time recently where I felt like something was missing in my personal world of

RUN! – [wolfacejoeyy]

Not very long ago at all, my friend put me onto wolfacejoeyy and his song “peaceofmind”. This record was obviously

sad4whattt – [ericdoa]

I think it’s definitely official that hyperpop has taken over the world whether you like it or not. I mean,

4MOODss – [SEBii]

Ever since the internet pretty much took over the music world and made it possible for anyone to drop a


The hyperpop scene never fails to surprise me in the best ways possible, and I never get bored for even

back n forth – [ericdoa]

Out of all the people who have been making the hyperpop genre truly grow and expand more than I ever

I GOT BARss – [SEBii]

If there’s one person in the entire music industry that knows how to innovate and change things up in order


While the world of hyperpop is taking over the entire musical landscape as we know and love it, I couldn’t

Shaping the Sound of COA

There is no single album that quite matches the level of influence at a forward-thinking level in the realms of