YND – [KEY!]

For quite some time I’ve been a massive fan of KEY! He’s obviously an underground legend, but I feel like

Let’s Go – [KEY!]

KEY! is gearing up for a truly special project after all of the singles he has released. I Love You,

Sugar & Rice – [KEY!]

KEY! Is a superstar in every sense of the word. He consistently delivers eye-catching singles as well as fully cohesive

Fall Hard – [Key!]

Noted by many as the most important release of the year, Key!’s So Emotional EP grasped the balance between player and

Hard Soft – [KEY!]

Just as it’s been for the past decade, at this point, no one is quite like Key!, and for this


Fresh off the release of his new album, ‘SO EMOTIONAL,’ KEY! is teasing new visuals for an exciting record called

Fall Hard – [Key!]

If you’re anything like me, Key’s heartbreakingly hilarious single, “Miami Too Much,” has been on repeat ever since its release.