Kevin Holliday

OMNI – [Kevin Holliday]

“OMNI is a coming together of all of my musical influences,” says Holliday. “Growing up in Bed-Stuy, I remember being

Space Cadet – [Kevin Holliday]

As an artist, longevity is achieved when there’s more than “just the music.” Looking at examples such as Tyler, The

Let Me Go – [Kevin Holliday]

Recently appearing on our pages with the lively “Hot And Fun,” Kevin Holliday has thoughtfully established himself as an artist

Hot And Fun – [Kevin Holliday]

In an era of music where trend-following is often rewarded with short term success, I’ve found that a considerable amount

Always On – [Kevin Holliday]

After covering his recent performance on Tiny Shed, I’ve found myself digging deeper and deeper into the intricate, soulful sounds