the loved ones – [juno]

Not too much time has passed since the moment I first heard about juno, an insanely talented rising star who

la fleur – [juno]

I had first found out about the rising hyperpop star juno a handful of months back thanks to his work

sidelines – [juno]

Last year, I was put onto countless new artists who consistently blew me away with their innovative takes on classic

runaway – [juno]

If you’re hip to the hyperpop music scene, you should know that Overcast is a company that is in touch

Insomnia – [Juno] x [AViT]

Standing adjacent to the washed out and tired trends that the apex of pop music showcases is its less-prominent, yet

Karma – [Juno]

The seemingly limitless amount of intersections that the rising state of pop music holds moving into the future is truly