Jake Osmun

More Than Ever – [Lucki]

With Lucki’s impeccable Freewave 3 project making the rounds as an early contender for album of the year, it’s only right

My Little Draco – [Germ]

Amidst all of the heat coming out of Atlanta right now, one central artist that stands out with an incredible

Root of All – [Lucki]

Hours after releasing his DAYS B4 II mixtape that was (and still is) being given a massive reception, Lucki is

No Wok – [Lucki]

Lucki has returned with a new visual for his song “No Wok.” He chose one of my personal favorites, Jake

Birdgang – [Lucki Eck$]

Only a few days after releasing his mixtape X, Lucki Eck$ returns with some Jake Osmun-directed visuals for his self-produced record

Turf – [LAMB$]

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adSBYYpL52s&feature=youtu.be Lamb$ is here with a classic, a classic to go along with an impeccable video.  A single setting with