none – [funeral] ft. [midwxst]

Returning to LL this week with an uncommonly laid-back cut is none other than digicore/hip-hop favorite funeral with “none” –

eviscerated – [funeral]

Does funeral ever miss? His newest record eviscerated would lead you to believe the answer is “no” – which is true

IN THE WALLS EP – [funeral]

If you’re looking for the perfect songs to add to your springtime walking-through-the-flowers playlist, then look no further than North

familyfriendly – [funeral]

With almost half a dozen singles under his belt in 2022, few artists in the hyperpop-adjacent scene work as hard

gettingtomyhead – [Funeral]

An artist like Funeral is defined by their constant state of evolution. Acts that are as creatively-sound and willing to

Talk2Me – [Funeral]

A common trait amongst nearly every member of this ever-rising next generation of pop music is their willingness to put