Solar Symbol – [Kevin Kazi]

Being an independent artist is never easy because even though you might have a small team around you, helping support

HML – [tophillfreddo]

The music industry may be looked at as a cutthroat place sometimes depending on your perspective, but for me personally,

Angels – [tophillfreddo]

Out of all the different parts of the country that are bringing various styles of music to life, I have

Heart Stop – [Weiland] [FISH]

Florida’s Gavin Weiland has been one of the most intriguing artists to emerge from the pluggnb-centric, late-SoundCloud scene that followed


BIGBABYGUCCI has been in the North Carolina music scene for quite some time now and he’s been making waves ever

Demo Tape 1 – [Mike Angel]

I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs about how much I enjoy nineteen-year-old Alabama native Fish’s beats and about how I

Sake- [BigBabyGucci]

North Carolina has a booming underground Hip-Hop scene, and one of the pioneers of the scene out there is without