Daniel Jordan K

paradise – [angelus]

angelus is someone who has truly changed the way I look at music, both from a writer’s perspective and from

la fleur – [juno]

I had first found out about the rising hyperpop star juno a handful of months back thanks to his work

step back – [midwxst]

At this point, you might be sick of all the articles I write about midwxst, but if you’re a true

security – [koi]

If you know anything about my writing, you should know that I try my best to never miss out on

runaway – [juno]

If you’re hip to the hyperpop music scene, you should know that Overcast is a company that is in touch

Juice – [Danny Orange]

If there’s one thing I love about creatives, it’s the fact that they never box themselves into one category or