The Color Blue – [D2X]

Back in the day when we used to hear legends such as Kanye West & Pharrell Williams refer to sounds

Kryptonite – [D2X] ft. [Quis]

Chicago’s D2X has been building up momentum this year with the release of multiple singles that have showcased the rapper’s

Go! – [D2X]

Chicago artist D2X has been releasing some solid music and making a name for himself over the past year or

Go! – [D2X]

The last I spoke to D2X, he stressed how important experimenting with his songwriting process has been for him recently.

The Message – [D2X]

D2X has returned, this time with his latest track called “The Message.” Different from D2X’s usual style, he chose to

Dreams – [D2X]

Last week, D2X decided to end the year with a new collaboration between him and his buddy GLOhan Beats called