Curtis Roach

Luv Bug – [Curtis Roach]

Curtis Roach’s discography so far has tied the rising Detroit artist’s name with bright and vibrant hip-hop that’s informed by

Gassed Up – [Curtis Roach]

This summer, Curtis Roach released his ‘Lellow’ EP—a ray of sunshine channeled through seven tracks that fused elements of jazz,

Lellow – [Curtis Roach]

Through his discography thus far, Curtis Roach has introduced listeners to his brand of bright, upbeat hip-hop with influences from

WJIT – [Curtis Roach]

Curtis Roach first caught my ear in 2017 when he released his energetic Highly Caffeinated mixtape, and since then, the

Anxietea – [Curtis Roach]

An artist that goes by the mae of Curtis Roach is making his Lryical lemonade debut this afternoon with his brand