Polarvortex – [Blvck Svm]

South Florida-bred, Chicago-based rapper Blvck Svm has been on my radar for a minute now, but his latest track “Polarvortex”

Bandwidth – [Blvck Svm]

Chicago by way of Florida rapper Blvck Svm has been one of the emcees that have been heavy in my

Ion Know – [Lil Moe]

Lil Moe is a teenage rapper that’s based out of Chicago that’s been taking the scene by storm. I know

Just Friends – [Eli Major]

Chicago’s own Eli Major singer and songwriter drops his first single of 2019 with “Just Friends.” This new offering embodies

Blaxploitation – [Noname]

Elegantly outspoken is the best way that I can describe Chicago artist Noname. As shown in her new album, Room 25,

Lucki: A Testament To Growth

// Photography courtesy of @reemlovette At the core of any great artist exists the innate ability to reinvent oneself. Adjacent