AirplaneMode – [BONES]

Few emcees manage to reach legendary status without the help of constant radio plays & other number boosters, let alone

2MillionBlunts – [BONES]

After all that BONES has done for me musically over some of the most formative years of my life, he

Scraps – [BONES] & [Lyson]

It should be no secret to you that BONES is probably the most prominent underground legend in the entire landscape

WhiteBoyRick – [Bones]

No matter how many artists I listen to or find out about, I’m always going to have a soft spot

PopRocks – [BONES] & [Deergod]

Although I first got into hip-hop and rap music through many mainstream acts, I rapidly found myself becoming encompassed with

Burden – [Bones]

Just yesterday, I wrote about Xavier Wulf and how much of a legend he is in the underground. At the