FREE SOUNDs [Volume 3]

Back with volume 3 of the FREE SOUNDs column, and there’s a lot to discuss this week. Peep the lineup

Paradise – [Popstar FM]

Though Plugg’s surge in popularity over the past year has led to an incredible proliferation of different artists and scenes,

Ying & Yang – [BEAR1BOSS]

If you’re somehow not familiar with Atlanta’s BEAR1BOSS, you should just know that he’s pretty much every single one of

Fetch! – [BEAR1BOSS]

BEAR1BOSS might be from Atlanta, one of the biggest Rap music hubs in the entire country, but he’s not trying

Hoes Cap – [BEAR1BOSS]

After priding myself on being tapped heavily into the underground music scene, I’m a bit ashamed that I’ve allowed Atlanta