Adamn Killa

Zoom Zoom- [Adamn Killa]

Adamn Killa is an absolute legend in Chicago and his work ethic is truly what separates him from the pack.

Who Is This – [Adamn Killa]

Adamn Killa is one of Chicago’s most uniquely exciting up-and-coming talents right now, and today, he’s back to turn heads once

Better Run – [Adamn Killa]

Adamn Killais only a day removed from the release of his last record titled “Johnny Dang”, and this morning he

MTV Cribs – [Adamn Killa]

We here at Lyrical Lemonade have been supporting Adam Killa for a few years now, and he recently blessed us

I Dare – [Adamn Killa]

Clicking play on Adamn Killa’s new music video thinking it’d just be any other video was a big mistake. In his