Selena – [A.CHAL]

New York artist A.CHAL is someone whom I’ve covered on the platform a handful of times, and I have been

Dirty Dancin’ – [A.CHAL]

As we have grown to see, there is a major scene for rising Latin artists, specifically artists who are comfortable

High Horse – [A.CHAL]

While some people may view it to be a bad thing, I personally don’t think that there is anything wrong

Tappd’n – [A.CHAL]

If there’s one thing that is common amongst rappers in the game, is the ideology of getting love in your

000000 – [A.CHAL]

Peruvian-born rapper-singer and producer, A.CHAL releases his new cinematic video for his song, “000000.” The new video comes off of


Peruvian-born trap cowboy, A.CHAL has found a way to marry two contrasting themes into one cohesive showcasing with his new