See the Sun – [2kthagoon]

It probably hasn’t been that long since I last wrote about a new 2kthagoon song, but it feels like a

Excuse Me – [2kthagoon]

2kthagoon has been making a very strong case as to why he’s one of the most dynamic, talented, and captivating

Excuse Me – [2kthagoon]

If you’ve followed along to any of the articles I write, you should most likely be familiar with 2kthagoon. I’ve

Seal777- [2kthagoon]

For years and years at this point, I have slowly but surely accumulated a very vast collection of underground artists

Masons – [2kthagoon]

In a world full of up and coming artists who all have so much potential, it can be hard to

GEEKRS- [2kthegoon]

It has truly been a lot of fun to see 2kthagoon’s journey through the music scene. He has gone through

Geekers- [2kthagoon]

2kthagoon is one of the brightest young stars coming out of the blossoming North Carolina rap scene. His melodic trap