Zyaa’s here to stay. “Tell Me” shows exactly why:

I’m not sure what the “it” factor is really comprised of when it comes to music, but whatever its true definition is, Zyaa possesses it. I hadn’t heard her before, but as soon as I cut on her newest single “Tell Me,” I knew the R&B/rap blending artist has what it takes to elevate her profile. The vocal ability, the delivery, the catchy nature, and the relatable songwriting are all impressive – and her home region has more than taken notice. One of the more promising acts on the East Coast recently, Zyaa draws inspiration from some legends like Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, and does so effectively.

“Tell Me” depicts a youthful yet powerful message that many face, in seeking validation from a partner in a relationship before committing to a big decision. That message resonates with so many listeners, primarily women, and combining that mass appeal with exceptional musical talent will undoubtedly result in large success, which “Tell Me” has already started to accrue.

This high-energy and catchy track is one that I’m confident listeners of all hip-hop styles can get behind, and I’ll be curious to see how it keeps gaining traction. Stream “Tell Me” below!