Zuccenberg – [Tommy Cash] ft. [$uicideboy$] & [Diplo]

I might not be overly familiar with Tommy Cash whatsoever, but after doing a little research, it turns out that he just might be one of the most interesting people in the entire industry. Being from Estonia, a place that I personally don’t think I could point out on a map without some direction, it can’t be easy to break out of what I imagine to be a pretty small local scene and make your way overseas to America, yet he did so and has been tearing it up ever since.

Most recently, he dropped off a song featuring $uicideboy$ and Diplo called “Zuccenberg”, and although. I never imagined this group to get together and collaborate in my wildest dreams, after listening to it, I realized it’s exactly what I needed in my life right about now. The beat was tag teamed by Diplo and Umru, opening up with some thunderous, speaker-busting 808s that are combined with screeching, electronic synths, and chattering hats that provide a perfect base for what I’ve expected from $uicideboy$ yet not exactly what I would ever image Diplo to bring to life.

Nonetheless, Tommy begins with the hook, showing off some charismatic energy with some unique flows and lyrics that are still catchy despite their obscurity which continues into his first verse. Scrim then comes in for the second verse, utilizing his sinister flow that sounds as haunting as it does masterful, gifting us with another unique and picture-perfect part of the song that sets Ruby up for success as well. Right before his portion, however, Tommy riffs with some childish hums for a moment, making Ruby’s entrance seem even more intense and hard-hitting than I was ever expecting, but as he continues throughout the last verse, his insistence and assault continues to grow, leading us out of this joint in an unforgettable fashion.

As I said, this collaboration definitely seemed to come out of left field and I personally was not expecting it whatsoever, yet it turned out to be one of the best things I had heard all weekend. Tommy has this wild and entertaining personality, Scrim and Ruby both juxtapose that with their menacing demeanors, and Diplo does a picturesque job of giving them an instrumental that can suit all of them incredibly well. Supposedly this is off of Tommy’s upcoming EP entitled MoneySutra that’s expected to be out in May and feature others like RiFF RAFF and BONES, yet I don’t know if this information is just rumors or if it’s confirmed quite yet. Either way, “Zuccenberg” is sure to get you up and moving around whether you like it or not, so make sure you take a moment to tune in as soon as you can, you definitely won’t regret it.