Zombie Love – [Lu]

Over the past year or so, I have made it a point throughout my life and career in the music industry to find out about some of the most promising up-and-comers in the entire scene, and I am never let down or unimpressed by some of these talents. I find out about new artists constantly, but some of the best ways I am able to get new emcees on my radar is through friends, both in the industry and outside of it, or perusing through social media, but one of my all-time favorite ways is when I hear a song from an artist I’ve followed for a while and hear a new name that they recruited to be featured on their own track.

I love this way because if I already enjoy a musician’s music, then I know that they have great taste and aren’t going to get any old nobody on a song if they don’t actually believe in them. This fact came to fruition when I heard Lu on one of Pouya’s songs earlier this year, and my admiration only continued to grow as he worked more with the underground Florida legend. After accompanying Pouya on various tracks and visuals, joining him on tour, and getting more and more recognition as the year went on, I felt like his solo catalog only continued to expand and incorporate more wonderful hits, so I couldn’t get enough.

Towards the end of last week, Lu hit me up and told me about a brand-new song he dropped entitled “Zombie Love”, and I didn’t waste a moment before tuning in. Lu is just one of the most dexterous and multifaceted artists in the entire music business, sometimes rapping his ass off while other times allowing himself to break free and sing in an angelic and heartstring-pulling fashion, and I can’t get enough of his sound. In this one, valiant synths combine with chattering percussive notes and thumping drums, courtesy of the seasoned producer Mikey the Magician.

As Lu comes in, his vocals shine as bright as ever as he elevates his tone and sings some beatific notes that just resound in your brain even after the song comes to an end. What makes this song even better is the various vocal layers he shows off, giving us a very deep, complex, and multifarious sound that shows off his diverse talents even further. Lu is an artist who definitely deserves much more recognition for the inventive sound he’s bringing to life, and I have no doubt in my mind that 2022 is going to be a massive year for him, so make sure to get in tune with the blossoming phenom on his latest song “Zombie Love”.