Zipper Bagz – [Freddie Gibbs]

Freddie Gibbs, the Grammy-nominated musician from Gary, Indiana, is known for his unapologetic sincerity and extremely nimble cadences, which have helped him build a wide-ranging list of musical colleagues. His latest album $oul $old $eparately features beat smiths like Madlib, The Alchemist, Kaytranada, Boi-1da, and DJ Dahi, amongst others as well as lyricists such as Scarface, Anderson .Paak, and DJ Paul. Basically, it goes without saying that this project was a can’t-miss success.

While I am a massive fan of the project, I’m just as big of a fan of Kaytranada, so when I saw that Freddie just released a fascinating new music video for his Kaytra-produced track “Zipper Bagz”, I was on the edge of my seat. Co-directed by Ben “Lambo” Lambert, Harley Astorga, and even Freddie himself, this movie takes place in a beat-up motel where the emcee is deep in thought as he gets into showcasing his merciless lines and cadences.

The flick also features somewhat acted-out scenes as if it were actually a movie, as the intense Spanish dialogue is translated thanks to the help of English subtitles, unfolding between reoccurring shots that take place in his rented-out room. The story is as striking as the song is on its own, decoding behind-the-scenes moves in a captivating sequence of events that expand on the album as a whole in such a remarkable manner.

In addition to the release of the music video, Freddie just so happens to be a busy man, which I’m sure he’s used to. With the recent release of the album, he has performed on late-night TV, he’s kicking off his North American tour, he teamed up with Anwar Carrots for a new clothing line of his own, and has even been dabbling in acting with roles in some massively successful television shows and movies.

I guess when you hear some of the exotic talking points that he brings up throughout his music, this shouldn’t come as a shock to most people, but that doesn’t make his various endeavors any less exciting or interesting. Whether you’ve gotten your fill of Freddie’s latest album already or not, make sure you don’t miss out on yet another enthralling visual from the Indiana icon below!