Zhali bursts onto the scene with single and accompanying video, “DAMN RIGHT.”

Zhali’s new track “DAMN RIGHT” is a catchy one. Born in Tehran, Iran, and having lived in Dubai, UAE, before settling in Toronto, Zhali’s diverse background and life experiences shine through in his work and can hopefully continue to propel him into audience libraries around the globe.

“DAMN RIGHT” delves into the complexities of love and redemption, narrated from the perspective of a man who acknowledges his mistakes and strives to become a better person for the woman he loves. This relatable aspect adds authenticity to the song, as it draws from Zhali’s own life experiences and relationships. One of the standout features of the track is the beat produced by Bavaro Beats. With its use of strings and layered background vocals, the song gains depth and feel, creating an amazing backdrop to complement Zhali’s vocals. The catchy hook of the song ensures that it will stay with listeners, making it a track they’ll find themselves singing along to and keeping on replay.

The music video, shot by KR Productions, is visually stunning and perfectly complements the song’s energy. It features city scenery, a vibrant party lifestyle, beautiful women, and joyful people, all of which align with the song’s upbeat nature.

While “DAMN RIGHT” is a well-crafted track with a catchy melody and an engaging music video, aspects that I think will boost his following immensely. Zhali’s talent as a musician, combined with his widespread and diverse audience demographic, suggests that his name will continue to rise, as will the song’s popularity. This release is a testament to his growth as an artist and his commitment to his craft, as he’s found himself across the continent in LA to continue his musical development. Don’t be surprised to see “DAMN RIGHT” gaining more momentum and attracting a larger audience as it picks up steam. Watch the video on YouTube below!