Zen – [Shan Vincent de Paul]

Though this is his first time gracing the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, Shan Vincent de Paul has impressed me with his depth, style, and execution on every single project he has released dating as far back as 2016. His latest video and single, “Zen,” is no different.

The click of an iPhone keyboard starts the track and establishes the late-night, few-drinks-deep-message-to-the-ex vibe echoed by the heartfelt, break-up centric lyrics from Shan. The subtle start becomes all the more interesting by the end when the track culminates in a cascading synth-driven breakdown; I love the progression from producer Amy Axgale. In addition to the crisp, emotional vocal performance, Shan stars in, directs, and even edits the sharp, color-drenched visuals that showcase a love story between an astronaut and an angel.

There is no news as of yet to any bigger plans, but, with his last album coming in 2017, I’m excited that a powerful new video likely means another project is in the works. Be sure to check out Shan Vincent de Paul’s latest offering below: