Zehailah – Bartender

Rising musical artist Zehailah captivating journey and unique sound have captured the hearts of listeners worldwide. From humble beginnings as a young poet and songwriter in elementary school to opening for renowned artists and gaining thousands of streams, Zehailah’s ascent has been nothing short of extraordinary.

It is always inspiring to witness an artist whose love for music is evident from a young age, and Zehailah’s story is no exception. Fuelled by her boundless imagination and the desire to express herself, she fell in love with music as a potent form of art and a coping mechanism. This passion and authenticity shine through in every note and lyric she creates, resonating with fans on a personal and emotional level.

At the heart of Zehailah’s music lies her ability to seamlessly blend genres, primarily focusing on alternative music while infusing elements of rock, pop, and hip-hop. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Juice Wrld and Tory Lanez, she has mastered the art of crafting a sound that defies conventional boundaries, making it uniquely her own. With a sound that deftly walks the thin line between genres, Zehailah effortlessly captures listeners’ attention and leaves them craving more.

Her discography boasts several powerful singles, with “Teen Dirtbag Freestyle” standing out as a fan favorite. Through each release, Zehailah skillfully channels her personal experiences and emotions, creating a cathartic experience for both herself and her audience. Her songs act as a window into her soul, touching on themes of heartbreak, frustration, and self-discovery. As a result, listeners find solace in her heartfelt lyrics, finding comfort in knowing they are not alone in their struggles.

Check out her latest record “Bartender,” below!