ZAZA – [PoleBoy D Rose]

Boston is an interesting city when it comes to rap, in particular. For the most part, it flies under the radar with a few exceptions, while the musical output from the city continues at a fast pace, constantly reinventing itself and introducing exciting new sounds to the area. This pace is what has allowed Boston to consistently introduce promising new talent over the past few years, and it’s the same type of energy that has driven the momentum around Boston’s latest sound: drill. Gaining its footing in New York and quickly making its way over to Massachusetts, drill is rapidly birthing some of the best new releases out of the city, most recently in the form of PoleBoy D Rose’s “ZAZA.”

Released in mid-October, “ZAZA” is thunderous by design, pushing a stadium-ready opera sample against an undeniable supply of drill percussion. Paired together, the two refuse to let listeners stand still, while PoleBoy D Rose comes in with a full head of steam to tie this one together. The high-flying chorus and infectious deliveries push “ZAZA” to massively compelling heights, leaving Boston with a potential hit on its hands via Dorchester’s own: PoleBoy D Rose.

“ZAZA” is undeniability at its best, and it’s quickly making its rounds in Boston and beyond as a must-listen release. Don’t sleep – show some love to Dorchester native PoleBoy D Rose and check out the video for “ZAZA” below:

Directed by @shotbytanj