Za Pack – [Lil Aaron Japan]

Although he might be a relatively newer name in the music industry, Lil Aaron Japan has been an artist that I haven’t been able to ignore, and I’m glad because that’s the last thing I want to do. Over the past few months of knowing about him and his music, I have come to realize just how dexterous and impressive he is, and his versatility is always on full display. Despite hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he often uses a very Michigan-inspired sound that I have gravitated towards over the past year or so, so this has made it an easy transition for me, and I haven’t missed a release since I found out about him.

Most recently, Aaron decided to bless fans once again with the release of his latest song “Za Pack”, and the results are as good as ever when it comes to this underground phenom. Produced by T4, we’re introduced to a soft melody that almost sounds like a sample of elevator music that is accented by consistent, piercing percussion and subdued drums that pave a perfect and somewhat simplistic foundation for Aaron to display his skills wonderfully. As he begins rapping, the way he mumbles his words almost makes it sound as if he’s just catching the tempo of the track and finding his own cadence, but this seems to last for the majority of the song.

Despite the under annunciated style that he utilizes in this track, it kind of plays up the nonchalant, carefree vibe of the instrumental as it combines with the beat perfectly. While this description might not do him too much justice, this style of rap is one that I’ve come to not only enjoy, but one that I also appreciate so much because anyone can hop on a beat and stumble their way throughout a record, but few can do it as gracefully and impressively as Lil Aaron, so it goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of this track as well as the rest of his arsenal of low-key hits.

Lil Aaron has become an artist who I can’t get enough of, yet he is also an artist that I think goes way too under the radar than he should. This is obvious in the accompanying Addachy Media-directed music video as well, because as he takes on the streets and the subway system within New York, he shows off him and his crew vibing out and having a blast as they rap along with him, proving that he’s not just another rapper. While I could go on for days about how unbelievable I think Lil Aaron Japan is musically, “Za Pack” does all the talking it needs to, so make sure you peep the new song and visual as soon as possible to see for yourself.