Yup – [Stone Cold Jzzle]

Regional hits are deeply important for developing rap scenes. In more recent cases, from “Welcome to the Party” to “Crunk Ain’t Dead,” we’ve seen Brooklyn get one, we’ve seen Memphis get one, and now, it’s starting to look like New Orleans has a slow-burning hit of its own ready to make a mark. Today, an artist by the name of Stone Cold Jzzle makes an appearance on our pages with his unforgettable new release, “Yup.”

Having received cosigns from G Herbo and A$AP Bari (who appears in the music video), among others, this one is starting to feel like a regional hit – the type that takes over New Orleans first, and slowly creeps across the borders until it’s ubiquitous in the South and beyond. Backed by a hypnotic beat, employing glassy melodies and simple, yet hard-nosed drums, Jzzle never does too much on “Yup.” Keeping things cool and collected, his deliveries are naturally confident and easily memorable, leaving “Yup” as the kind of song that you can’t escape.

New Orleans has one, so don’t sleep; you’re going to be hearing “Yup” everywhere soon.

Directed by @drinkfreewater @directedbyfranki
Produced by Treyylb + Nick WSL