Yung Bradlee – [Seuss]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today is a Boston artist going by the name Seuss. A culmination of energy, undying passion for music, and a charismatic attitude, he has never failed to prove himself as a worthy competitor of the game, and today, he takes this to new levels with his debut project, Yung Bradlee. 5 tracks long and jam-packed with bangers, the project is most accurately described by Seuss, himself, as “a fractal perspective on reality manifested by Young Seuss”. It’s both honest and ambitious, pointing toward the thematic presence of growth while offering up the rising talent’s most polished, determined version of self to date. Seuss is ready to do big things, and the music speaks for itself, so be sure to listen below! This kid is something special.

Produced by Seuss & Twayne The Kidd