Yucifer Gearing Up To Release His Latest EP “Soul Sorrow”

Mixing two music genres together can create magic if it’s done correctly. Yucifer is making a name for himself by merging trap and hip-hop to create a unique sound. Influenced by heavy rock bands like Linkin Park, and artists like Night Lovell, and Ghostemane, the trap artist is making a lane unlike anyone else at the moment. Music became an outlet for Yucifer during dark moments as he struggled to find contentment in his life. Real-life experiences shaped the music that he created.

“That pain shapes you, but it is a fine line between letting it teach you what you need to be taught and being destroyed by it,” He pleaded. “It takes pain to want to change, and disgust, at yourself, for ending in a position you no longer want to be in.”

This year, you can expect a new mixtape titled “Soul Sorrow” which kickstarts the genesis of YUCIFER’s era. The project is the raw story-telling of someone’s harrowing accounts of sorrow and sadness. You can expect soaring vocals and fierce beats from the rising artist’s new tape.

For now, check out some of his latest singles below.