Yours Truly – [Pollari]

If you are somehow not familiar with Pollari, then you have to open a history book and do some reading about the underground legend. He is one of the very first artists I ever remember hearing when I first dove deeper than the surface of hip-hop music, and he is one of the major reasons why I have such an open mind and why my taste in rap is so diverse. Now, I’m not claiming to have a perfect taste by any means, but I do take pride in the assortment of emcees that I listen to, and without Pollari, I can’t say that I would be the same music fan that I am today. Earlier on in his career, he was going crazy, dropping hit after hit all while consistently demonstrating exactly how individualistic he was as a musician.

As time went on, he seemed to showcase a similar inimitability, just in a more mature, grown-up fashion. If you haven’t tapped in with Lar in a while, you have to get reacquainted with his brand-new project Yours Truly because it is seriously one of the most intriguing projects that has dropped all month, and it’s a trademark example of the long way he has come throughout the years. Spanning almost 23 minutes long with 10 songs, Pollari’s range is unmatched as you listen throughout this tape because he shows off some softer, more poignant styles before getting back into the more energetic, charismatic sound that he first became known for.

With a few features including fell Atlanta-based spitters like Tony Shhnow and BEAR1BOSS, they give their own spin on things while breathing some much-appreciated fresh air into this impressive effort. I love BEAR’s contribution because his youthful vigor is very reminiscent of the liveliness that Pollari has displayed throughout his time in this business, so their chemistry is effortless and fascinating. Tony has two features on this project, and while “Know Me” is probably my favorite cut overall, I greatly appreciate his contribution to the remix of “4AM in Agoura” because it gives a completely different aesthetic to the tape’s opening song, taking the track from a resilient ballad to an absolute banger, mainly because of Tony’s confident flows and entrancing personality.

Regardless of the guests, though, Pollari’s tenure shines bright as he commands each line he speaks, always making sure to level up every chance he gets with a plethora of flows, vocal experiments, and messages that old and new fans alike are sure to appreciate. Yours Truly seems to be yet another stepping stone in Pollari’s career, and even though he may not be the same artist he was years ago when he first got his start, his development and wisdom certainly won’t be overlooked or neglected by his supporters whatsoever.