You’re Doing Good – [Larry June]

Consistency is key when it comes to music, and not many other artists have mastered this craft as well as Larry June. No matter what, he just can’t miss, and today, he keeps this hot streak rolling with the release of his newest album, You’re Doing Good. Coming in at a well-fit 10 tracks long, the latest from the Bay Area artist sheds light on the magic that can happen when lyricism is curated specifically to production. In other words, this project stands out to me upon my first few listens because the sound of each song meshes with the lyrics perfectly. June knows how to craft music for the long haul, proving his skills yet again with this album and maintaining a nearly-flawless track record of projects in a way that has led him into becoming a stand out artist for quite some time at this point. With features from TYUS, Ye Ali, Jazz Cartier, and Chuck Inglish, the guests on June’s latest absolutely show out in their respective appearances, reminding us yet again of his knack for picking the right people the right sounds, and the right bars, at just the right time. Having said that, be sure to listen to You’re Doing Good at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments.