Your Loss, Cold Game – [Richie Bux]

Las Vegas rapper Richie Bux continues to build and galvanize listeners with his new video “Your Loss, Cold Game.” The first thing that drew me into the track was the horns man, there was a feeling of triumph consuming me and I thought about me overcoming some of the hardships I go through in my life. The next thing that hit me was when Richie started to rap. That attribute stood out from the jump because Richie has his own sound and a voice that is unique. I believe originally and individuality in music will ultimately always win over the long haul and Richie doesn’t seem to follow the generic sound that’s out in rap today. Bux was able to tap in with Las Vegas director Gio Visuals to capture him cruising around California as they take in various sights and scenery of the golden state.

Watch the video for Richie Bux’s “Your Loss, Cold Game” below.