You See That’s The Only Thing – [Jaiswan]

It’s no secret that Detroit is one of the most fun cities to watch in the recent history of hip-hop and rap music. While certain artists have drug-heavy ballads that are as calm as they are intoxicating, others have used their enthusiasm and energy to grab the attention of fans all over the world. One thing that I feel like has been missing in the city for a while, though, is true lyricism and storytelling. That’s not to say that current artists in the city don’t have the capability to share their story, but it just seems like most talents prefer to have a good time and make songs that listeners will party to as opposed to taking a lesson away after listening.

Jaiswan is here to change that narrative, bringing an unbelievable knack for sharing his real-life stories from his upbringing in the streets. While it’s clearly not an easy life for most Detroit residents who are brought up in a tough situation, Jaiswan uses his losses as fuel for his fire, trying to make it in the music industry as a sort of revenge for all of the lives of his friends and family members that were taken too soon. These influences are abundantly obvious in his song “You See That’s The Only Thing” which is actually my introduction to the Detroit emcee.

In the instrumental, you can hear delicate, touching piano keys that combine with perfectly crisp hats and claps as well as some terse, bouncy 808s that all come together wonderfully. This production is the perfect foundation for Jaiswan to share his story, and man is it a wild and interesting narrative that is as heartbreaking at times as it is triumphant and perseverant. His flows and deliveries are unique and intriguing, but his subject matter truly takes the cake and makes a longer-lasting impression on me than anything else.

As for the music video, Jaiswan got Diego to direct this flick and it’s a very clean and revealing visual that pairs with the track nicely. While we’re transported to some beachfront destination that might be Miami or a similarly exotic city, we’re also taken far away from the streets that he discusses in the record, so it’s nice to see him get a change of scenery and have a bit of a break from those memories that have to be tough to constantly be reminded of as well. Whether he’s walking up and down the beach, chilling on a boat, or hanging out with his homies, he maintains an expression on his face that is troubled yet relieved that he was able to get out of the situations that he discusses throughout the song.

While I don’t typically find myself tuning into as much lyrical rap as I used to, I still have a deep appreciation for the craft, especially when someone can tell as captivating of a story as Jaiswan can. His voice and delivery are interesting, but the way he shares all of the various experiences he has had throughout his life is definitely his most appealing asset and something that I think is, unfortunately, dying out in much of the mainstream music you hear in this day and age. I give him all the credit in the world for not allowing this form of hip hop to die out, and I think he just might be able to make a case at so why it needs to start coming back again. Jaiswan may or may not be a new name for you, but either way, it’s a name you’re going to be seeing a lot more often moving forward, so get familiar with the Detroit phenom and one of his latest records “You See That’s The Only Thing”.