you & me – [Gunna] & [Chlöe]

I tend to try and stay away from too many mainstream artists and stick closer to the underground up-and-comers who are truly trying to bring something new to the music industry, but there are just some superstars who I am seriously obsessed with. Gunna is a name that should surprise no one because he is just so creative and smooth with his songs, so he is someone I don’t think I could ever get tired of listening to. Not too long ago, he dropped DS4EVER, a pretty extensive album that is not only chock full of hits but also features some of the most entertaining guest verses that have been released over the past few months.

“pushin P” was obviously one of the biggest stand-out records on this album thanks to its viral nature, and while I love this song, I do feel like it might’ve overshadowed some of the other dope cuts on this album. Gunna is never one to hide his versatility, so even if he isn’t the purest, most melodious artist in the world, he is able to adapt to the vibe of whatever beat that’s put in front of him, and that says so much about his overall skill set, not just the bars that he is so clearly capable of spitting. While there are moments of love and passion throughout the project, “you & me” featuring Chlöe is one of the best displays of this, and he came through with a Spike Jordan-directed music video just in time for Valentine’s Day.

In this one, Gunna and Chlöe go from intimate bedroom scenes on a heart-shaped mattress covered in satin bedsheets to the store to peruse through various expensive designer garments that they’re surely going to treat themselves to for the holiday. It seems like so many artists are hopping on the V-day bandwagon this year, but I definitely can’t hate on that because they’re doing a remarkable job with their releases, and the “you & me” video definitely sets the bar high, making it something you need to check out even though it’s a few days after the affection-filled holiday.